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Lineage 2 server announcements
Find a new server thanks to our announcements of new Lineage 2 servers. We try to collect all information about already open and new game projects as accurately as possible and in full. Visitors to our announcement of Lineage 2 servers can leave feedback and rating to the server, which will help other players make the right choice. Foreign and foreign servers are available on the L2Serv portal, and they are marked with a flag.

How to choose a new Lineage 2 server 
When choosing a new Lineage 2 server, you need to consider several parameters. Each of them affects the overall success of the project and indirectly affects the online performance and overall server lifetime. Of course, you can not be 100% sure of the successful opening of a particular Lineage 2 server, but it is quite easy to be careful.

Main criteria for selecting a new Lineage 2 server
  • The game server site is located on a level 2 domain 
  • The design of the server site is beautiful and high-quality, has no obvious errors in the layoutе 
  • The site is not covered with numerous buttons of sites "Announcements of Lineage 2 servers" 
  • The Lineage 2 game server has its own forum where new topics and discussions are created 
  • Availability of pages in social networks.networks with open comments where you can find out about the server's past 
  • Positive reviews and ratings on our portal in the section of this Lineage 2 complex 
  • Availability of ads and paid placement of server announcements on sites 
  • The presence of active and popular streamers that illuminate the life of the server 
  • Decent attitude of the server administration to the players